Watch and shop beauty videos in one place.

Sofie is a new tool that lets you easily shop and buy products reviewed by your favorite YouTube beauty creators. 



Your video plays while they shop — even from mobile

The Sofie Experience

There’s never been a way to watch and shop YouTube beauty videos at the same time, until now.

Find Duplicates Faster

Can’t find a product or need an alternative? Let Sofie help you find duplicates from 40,000+ products across multiple retailers. 

Shade Matching Tool

Take the guesswork out of shade matching. Our AI-technology matches on 3 levels to help find the best match: Shade, Undertone, and Olive (relation to Chroma).

Fast & Secure Checkout

Tired of too many steps to checkout? You can purchase products from multiple retailers all in a single checkout process – and all without leaving Sofie.

Support the beauty community

When you purchase from a creator’s Sofie link, you help them earn an average of 3X the commission. At Sofie, we receive a higher affiliate commission from brands and split the earnings with your favorite beauty creators.

How it works

Get your Sofie link ready to shop in 4 easy steps

Shop top beauty brands

Sofie compares the best prices across retail brands to help you find everything from duplicates, clean beauty options, and shades.

Receive your order

Sofie purchases your products through the specific retailer and will send you a confirmation email to track when your packages will arrive from each store.

Enjoy free shipping

In case of any problems with your order, you get a personal customer service number with your order to help resolve any issues.

Loved and used by beauty influencers

When all you want is for your fans to find and get the products in your video, you still have to worry about comments like, “this link isn’t working” or “where can I find a duplicate?”

That’s why we built Sofie.

“What I love about Sofie is it makes it easier for my audience to get the products I share. Now, instead of having my audience click through multiple links, the products and even duplicates can be shopped right there.” — Kyrah
Access to top beauty brands and retailers through Sofie

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