Shopping beauty videos was complicated. We fixed it.

Say goodbye to organizing description links, applying for multiple affiliate programs, and having your audience search all over the internet for your recommendations — Sofie does this for you. 



Your video plays while they shop — even from mobile

Introducing the must-have YouTube beauty influencer tool

Sofie provides your viewers everything they need to make a decision and check out.

Make more. Do less.

No more hours spent applying for multiple affiliates or copying and pasting links. Sofie gives you one link that automatically loads product feeds and earns you up to 3X higher commission.

Show duplicates

Sofie’s AI technology compares and recommends products based on everything from duplicates to clean beauty criteria to shades and ingredients. 

Shade Match

Sofie shade matches on 3 levels to help find the best match: Shade, Undertone, and Olive (relation to Chroma).

Easy checkout & free shipping

Sofie does the work for you behind the scenes to compare the best prices with the quickest delivery options from over 40,000 products. Plus, we offer free shipping for every order.

How it works

Get your Sofie link ready to shop in 4 easy steps

Send us your product list

Once we get your products, your single link to an instantly shoppable page is ready to use within 2 days.

Add the link

in your video description.
Post the single link to your YouTube page for your users to click and immediately shop the products in your video.

Track Each Purchase

Every time a customer purchases a product from your Sofie link, you can easily track each credit to see when it gets to your bank. 

Receive your commission

You earn up to 3X more than base affiliate rates and receive your payment within a week.

Why Sofie?

When all you want is for your fans to find and get the products in your video, you still have to worry about comments like, “this link isn’t working” or “where can I find a duplicate?”

That’s why we built Sofie.

“The worst part of monetizing my content is the time spent setting up the description with my affiliate links, especially when I earn very little from commission. Sofie allows me to earn more while doing less thanks to one link where my audience can find what they’re looking for.” — Erin
Access to top beauty brands and retailers through Sofie

Requirements to get started


A minimum average of 3,000 views of your YouTube videos

Beauty focus

Videos that showcase makeup and skincare tutorials or routines


Availability to provide feedback using Sofie to our product team

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